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The goal of crawlster® is to optimize the use of original components so that with just a small number of ingenious and easily mounted additional parts, a functional solution, superior to any other on the market, is clearly achieved. All crawlster®steering systems achieve superior functionality for scale / crawler vehicles using innovative ideas: achieving a perfect steering geometry with a neutral / positive track differential angle (Ackerman). All crawlster®steering system sets can be installed  using initially the standard series components (usually plastic), but can later utilise the original aluminum tuning components of the respective manufacturer without any problem (scalability).

Viele 4x4 Scale-Crawler Modelle weisen konstruktionsbedingt einen negativen Spurdifferenzwinkel (Ackermann) auf.

The standard steering of some of the most common 4x4 crawler scale models have a negative thrust angle (Ackermann) because of their design. In practice this leads to an unfavorable steering performance with constant sliding of the wheel on the outside of the curve. In addition, steering bars in front of the axle tend to reduce the ground clearance and spoil the scale look of model 4x4 vehicles.

Mit den crawlster® LenkSystemen lenkt das kurveninnere Rad stärker ein als das kurvenäußere


crawlster®steering systems resolve these issues by design-optimized links – the inner wheel now steers correctly i.e. more than the outer one – so the cornering performance and off-road maneuverability is significantly improved – without steering bars in front of the axle.

crawlster®D18 TUNING-KIT for RC4WD 1/18-Mighty Min
The ulitimate suspension and steering-Tuning for all  RC4WD 1/18 ScaleCrawlers 4,5x longer outer tuning springs with optimally adapted spring force "S" = soft design for standard-/series weight vehicles full utilis ... (mehr lesen)
ab 39,80 € 2
crawlster®4S – SteeringSystem – Gmade/GS01
Corrects negative toe-out angle and improves the steering geometry and the steering behavior by positive Ackerman effect. Maneuverability and off-road ability are clearly optimized: ... (mehr lesen)
48,00 € 2
crawlster®BTA – SteeringSystem – SCX10 (I)
Fixes negative steering angles and improves the steering geometry / performance by positive Ackerman-effect. Maneuverability and off-road ability are clearly optimized: universal application with standard- a ... (mehr lesen)
48,00 € 2
crawlster®4Wd - Upgrade-KIT
for mounting the crawlster®4Wd-AX steering system with VP-Knuckles* (VPS03201) fits crawlster®4WD steering system converts a 4Wd-AX steering system into a 4Wd-VP steering system ... (mehr lesen)
13,90 € 2
crawlster®4Wd-VP SteeringSystem (Wraith/AX10/RR10*
The worldwide unique HighEnd BTA steering system for Axial AR60 OCP axles combined with Vanquish Products WRAITH tuning knuckles (VPS03201). Ultimate tuning: the crawlster®4Wd-VP steering system in combination with the high-precision Van ... (mehr lesen)
69,00 € 49,00 € 2
crawlster®4Wd-AX Steering Systems (Wraith/AX10/RR1
The world´s unique HighEnd BTA linear steering system for Axial AR60 OCP axles combined with Original Axial knuckles AX80061 (plastic) or AX30760 (aluminium). Axial WRAITH pilots achieve an entirely new curve behavior with unprecedented ... (mehr lesen)
66,00 € 48,00 € 2

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Customers feedback

- Hillard / Massachusetts-USA- D18-KIT  "... i installed my crawlster kit and its fantastic!!

   the steering is so much better and the shocks work really well now.  great job!!."

- Andreas / Essen-DE - D18-KIT  "...vielen Dank für den sehr schnellen Versand und dieses tolle Kit.

   Hat alles wunderbar geklappt, sehr gut beschrieben."

- Jim / Missouri-USA - D18-KIT "...Installed my Crawlster kit and am 100% pleased."

   It’s exactly what it needed. I’ll definitely recommend your products."

- Kevin / Delaware-USA - D18-KIT "Everything installed very easily, and with great Improvement."

- Phill / Arizona-USA - D18-KIT "Thank you so much..I really really appreciate your customer service."

   It has been great doing business with you and look forward to getting my parts. Keep up the great work."

- Andrew / Oregon-USA - D18-KIT  " are truly amazing...will definitely be a returning customer!"

- Gery / AT - crawlster®D18-KIT  "...hab das Kit heute verbaut. Das ist einfach genial!!"

- Jan-Ole / Kiel-DE – crawlster®4Wd-VP "...vielen Dank für den super schnellen Versand der crawlster Lenkung.
   Ich bin sehr begeistert (...) und nochmal vielen Dank für dieses tolle Produkt!"

- Martin / Holland-NL – crawlster®BTA "...package is and fits super"

- Brian / Florida-USA - crawlster®4S  „…love the quality look of it. Thanks again for all the quick responses…“

- Oliver / Oberhausen-DE - crawlster®4Wd-AX  „…Entwicklung echt Spitze und sehr innovativ.

   (am...) Wraith störte mich immer schon das Einlenkverhalten…“

- Brad / Illinois-USA – crawlster®BTA   „…your scx10 system is the BEST !..."

- Sven / Gießen-DE  - crawlster®BTA  „…BTA ist eingebaut. Wahnsinn was für ein Lenkeinschlag!!!…“

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