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crawlster®4S steering system – Gmade/GS01, Sawback, Komodo

Corrects negative toe-out angle and improves the steering geometry and the steering behavior by positive Ackerman effect. Maneuverability and off-road ability are clearly optimized:

  • universal application with standard- and hi-clearance knuckles (aluminium)
  • no steering bar in front of the axle – optimized banking angle
  • easy installation – no complicated reconstruction
  • also suitable for chassis-mounted servo layout (CMS-option)
  • 29 parts all inclusive complete set

48,00 €

  • 0,2 kg
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crawlster®4S – Application · Features · Benefits


Welcome to the crawlster®4S steering system - the unique steering system for vehicles with Gmade GS01 chassis with which a correct steering geometry  (positive Ackerman effect) can be achieved simply and perfectly both with standard knuckles (plastic) as well as with tuning knuckles (aluminium).

With the crawlster®4S steering system your crawl, trail or scale-model with Gmade GS01 chassis gets a completely new turning performance - maneuverability and off-road capability and scale look will be significantly improved.

Content of the crawlster®4S

  • 2x crawlster®4S steering angle incl. 8-piece accessories for mounting steering angle including on standard/aluminium knuckles
  • 1x crawlster®4S steering bracket incl. 12 piece accessories for mounting on crawlster®4S steering angle
  • 5 part accessories for power steering
  • 2x crawlster®4S sticker
  • 1x detailed product information with complete mounting instructions
crawlster®4S steering system is Made in Germany

crawlster®4S Button steering
crawlster®4S Button SIMPLY
crawlster®4S Button PERFECT

crawlster® without BTA – why?

The front axle of Gmade GS01 CHASSIS is pivoted at the front - just like the original: the turning angle of the knuckles in the C-hub in this arrangement (A = curve outer wheel) is limited to about 32 ° / 42 ° (plastic / aluminium) in one direction. In the other direction (B = curve inner wheel) however, the knuckles in the C-hub have a substantially greater angle of freedom (theoretically ≥ 90 °). Perfect conditions for a positive Ackermann steering geometry.

crawlster®4S – turned to the last degree!

The Gmade GS01 front suspension has as standard "inwardly" directed knuckle linking points. The crawlster®4S steering system, with its special geometry - together with special Ackerman conducive steering angles - has the knuckle pivot points (O) clearly "outside" of the C-hub pivot points (o), ie - like the original - as far as possible "outward" toward the rim. At the same time, the linking is nearly invisible above the leaf springs.


The crawlster®4S steering system makes optimal steering geometry and perfect scale looks possible for all Gmade GS01 front axles, by consistent integration of all relevant factors.


Positive Ackermann-effect


crawlster®4S-turning angle and steering frame

The crawlster®4S steering system can be built in by anybody in no time at all!

  • 30 part set
  • Universal mounting on standard- and tuning knuckles
  • simple assembly without complicated rebuilding:
    screw it on - finished!

Assembled on standard knuckles (#51105)

Assembled on tuning knuckles (#GM51105S)

Assembled on GS01 Chassis Mounted Steering Servo Kit (#GM52411S)

A complete, illustrated fitting guide is sent with each delivery of the crawlster®4S steering system.

The crawlster®4S steering system gives an entirely new driving experience - combined with perfect scale looks:

  • the crawlster®4S steering system gives an entirely new driving experience - combined with perfect scale looks.
  • significantly improved off-road maneuverability
  • corrected negative toe-out angle - the inner wheel steers ≥ the outer wheel in corners
  • with the guide above the leaf springs, no spoiling of the appearance of your scale model Gmade GS01 SAWBACK
  • also universally mountable on standard knuckles - optimizing the toe-out angle to ≥ positive Ackermann
  • no steering bars in front of the axle - almost invisible under the body
  • optimized banking angle - less snagging on the ground








steering angle











No steering bars in front of the axle


Universally mountable also on standard knuckles

Questions or suggestions? – please free to contact us – mail to info@crawlster.de


The crawlster®4S steering system is suitable for all series front axles of Gmade GS01 Chassis. 
Subject to technical change. For detailed compatibility information take a look at our datasheet. 

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