crawlster® TireTOOL – now makes tire mounting easy, fast and safe: comfortable mounting, perfect fit, optimum concentricity.

crawlster® TireTOOL - the ultimate mounting aid for 1.9" + 2.2" beadlock wheels

For quick, easy and safe mounting of tires and (beadlock) rims:

  • standardized procedure for consistent assembly results
  • high quality mounting kit lasered acrylic glass panes and stainless steel components
  • usable for common crawler wheels - Scaler, RockBuggies, CompCrawler
  • universally suitable for rim sizes 1.9" (48mm) and 2.2" (55mm)
  • with tire diameter e.g. : Ø 106mm / 4,19" - Ø 120mm / 4,75" - Ø143mm / 5,63 " (max.)
  • comfortable mounting - in 4 easy steps
  • perfect fit - centric, secure fixation of the tire flank in the rim without "slipping out"
  • optimal concentricity 

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  • Mounting crawlster® TireTOOL
  • Insert Foams into tire
  • Insert beadlock ring
  • Pre-knead" Foams into tire
  • Insert wheel into crawlster® TireTOOL


  • Align tire and beadlock ring centrally
  • Lateral check for centric, uniform alignment


  • Pretension crawlster® TireTOOL
  • Retighten knurled screws
  • Lateral check for uniform pretension


  • Insert rim rings / cover centered "hole-on-hole
  • Insert/pre-assemble bolts
  • tighten the screws alternately
  • DONE ;-)

Making tire changing fun: crawlster®TireTOOL - the "third hand" for fast, easy and safe mounting of beadlock wheels.

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