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crawlster®D18 TUNING-KIT – RC4WD 1/18-Mighty Minis

The ulitimate suspension and steering-Tuning for all  RC4WD 1/18 ScaleCrawlers

  • 4,5x longer outer tuning springs with optimally adapted spring force
  • "S" = soft design for standard-/series weight vehicles
  • full utilisation of the max. possible damper travel of 10 mm – clearly optimized entanglement
  • new, pre-assembled shock absorber mounts for axles and chassis
  • more ground contact and traction – significantly improved driving and crawling characteristics
  • no obstruction on the inside of the curves Knuckles through damper-rodends

  • tighter curve radii / neutr. Ackermann

  • preassembled tie rods – adjustable neutral/toe-in/toe-out
  • BTA – no tie rod in front of the axle

  • preassembled short steering link – adjustable, better function & look
  • simply to install – pre-assembled components and illustrated mounting guide

  • colour: black

44,80 €

  • 0,1 kg
  • SOFORT-VERSAND am Bestelltag – Mo. - Fr. bis 15:00 Uhr1

Option Parts

crawlster®D18 Tuning-springs MEDIUM

"M" = medium hard design with +17% increased spring pressure for use in vehicles with heavier construction than series - e.g. with RoofRacks, attachments, stronger LiPos, trailers, self-made bodies etc.. Use for example on the rear axle only. 

Delivery as (2) individual springs w/o further components: Set of 2 springs for 1 axle 

6,90 €

  • 0,1 kg
  • SOFORT-VERSAND am Bestelltag – Mo. - Fr. bis 15:00 Uhr1

Price notice for European and International 


For orders from / deliveries to Germany or Eu-countries (e.g. AT, ES, F...), the sales price includes VAT. Shipping costs extra.


For orders from / deliveries to non-EU countries and international (e.g. CH, UK, USA...) the sales price is net. Discounted shipping costs extra.

Bei Bestellungen aus / Lieferungen nach Deutschland oder in Länder der EU (z.B. AT, ES, F…) versteht sich der Verkaufspreis inkl. MwSt. und zzgl. Versandkosten.


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Exceptionally nice video of 

RCscale101 showing 2x full scale 1/18 RC4WD defenders with crawlster®D18 tuning kit and reinforced springs - shot on Iceland


With friendly permission



The crawlster®D18 TUNING-KIT for steering and shocks 

is fully compatible to the stock RC4WD "Ultimate Mini Scale Shocks (40mm)"



? >

The Steering-Joints of the 

crawlster®D18 TUNING-KIT are 



The Springs of the crawlster®D18 TUNING-KIT are not compatible to the 


 Features and Benefits

crawlster®D18 TUNING-KIT

for "Ultimate Mini Scale Shocks"



 Shock Material Machined Billet Aluminium  Machined Billet Aluminium
 Scale-look  YES  YES
 Length 40 mm  40 mm 
 Travel +3 mm * +3 mm *
 Springs external internal
 Spring-length approx. 35 mm approx. 20 mm
 Spring-force more linear more progressive


 YES – 

 Costs (Set of 4)

€ 39,80 (2 x € 32 =)  € 64,00

* in comparison to the stock "Ultimate Mini Scale Shocks (40mm)"

crawlster®D18 TUNING-KIT: the 4,5 x longer outer tuning springs optimize the  impact / rebound behavior of the standard dampers

Standard dampers:  the deflection of the short internal springs begins far above the vehicle weight (grey), the spring pressure increases disproportionately in the further course and will limit the damper travel to 7 mm when the springs are completely compressed. 

crawlster®D18 TUNING-KIT: the deflection of the external 4.5 x longer outer tuning springs (S=soft) starts below the vehicle weight (grey), the spring pressure remains also with increasing compression almost linear and allows full damper travel of 10 mm

Readings per (1) spring; vehicle-weight incl. LiPo w/o axles and wheels = approx.290 g / 4 = ca. 72g / spring

The unique crawlster®D18-Joint ensures an unrestricted steering angle and significantly improves the curve performance

  • unique crawlster®D18-Joint
  • improved steering geometry due to utilization of the maximum possible turning angle of the universal shafts
  • no obstruction on the inside of the curves Knuckles through damper-RodEnds
  • tighter curve radii / neutr. Ackermann
  • adjustable toe-in / toe-out
  • BTA – no tie rod in front of the axle

crawlster® D18-components are shown in YELLOW – also available in BLACK.

 The crawlster®D18 TUNING-KIT contains all components needed for the conversion:

  • 4x TUNING-SPRINGS – hardened stainless steel
  • 4x pre-assembled crawlster®D18-JOINTS, 4x spring-/distance-CLIPS for shock mounts
  • 1x preassembled TIE ROD – adjustable toe-in / toe-out
  • 1x preassembled SHORT STEERING ROD – Servo-/Neutralspur adjustable (OPTION)
  • all necessary SCREWS / NUTS (M2) for mounting
  • 2x Tuning-STICKER and illustrated MOUNTING INSTRUCTIONS


with all 1/18
RC4WD Gelände Chassis

  • w/ D90 Body Set (Blue) – Z-RTR0039
  • w/ D90 Body Set (Black) – Z-RTR0038
  • w/ BLACK ROCK Body Set – Z-RTR0037
  • w/ BLACK ROCK Body Set (orange) – Z-RTR0048
  • w/ BLACKJACK Body Set – Z-RTR0036
  • w/ BLACK HAWK Hard Body Set - Z RTR0059

The crawlster®D18 TUNING-KIT creates the decisive conditions for the fundamental optimization of dampers + steering




Here are 2 additional TIPS ....

...for the cautious

Mount the front/lower links"inside"

to get more freedom of steering - 

exspecially when using more voluminous tires

such as the Goodyear WRANGLER MT/R 1 

...for the brave ones

Carefully* (!), laterally obliquely milled out the bone slits with a cutting disc in the lower area by about 1-1.5 mm – brings another, visibly improved steering angle (* at your own risk)

The crawlster®D18 Tuning-KIT is suitable for all series of RC4WD® 1/18 Gelände chassis with Yota front axles. Subject to technical change. crawlster® is DPMA protected. All rights reserved. Reproduction / distribution even in part only with express permission. 

The vehicles shown on this site are not part of the crawlster®D18 Tuning-KIT and must be purchased separately.


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