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crawlster®BTA2-SCX steering system – Axial SCX10.1

crawlster®BTA2-SCX – the unique BTA steering system for all Axial® SCX10.1

  • HD-Carbon – low weight = low center-of-gravity (LCG)
  • Fixes negative steering angles and improves the steering geometry / performance by positive Ackerman-effect. Maneuverability and off-road ability are clearly optimized
  • no steering bar in front of the axle - optimized banking angle
  • up to 100% drop deployable – allows 4-link suspension
  • TUNING-KIT incl. 1 x crawlster®BTA2 steering bracket, accessories for mounting to Axial® HighClearance knuckles (AX30526) plus TRX-RodEnds for Servo-linkage
  • 2 x crawlster®TUNING-Sticker – detaillied mounting instructions
  • ATTENTION: Mounting only (!) on Axial® HighClearance Knuckles  (AX30526) 
  • NOT suitable for SCX10.2  (AX90046) 


54,00 €

  • 0,1 kg

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For orders from / deliveries to Germany or Eu-countries (e.g. AT, ES, F...), the sales price includes VAT. Shipping costs extra.


For orders from / deliveries to non-EU countries and international (e.g. CH, UK, USA...) the sales price is net. Discounted shipping costs extra.

Bei Bestellungen aus / Lieferungen nach Deutschland oder in Länder der EU (z.B. AT, ES, F…) versteht sich der Verkaufspreis inkl. MwSt. und zzgl. Versandkosten.


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crawlster®BTA2-SCX – takes your SCX10.1-classic to a new level

Das crawlster®BTALenkSystem ist Made in Germany
Abbildung/Skizze: negativer Spurdifferenz-Winkel

Standard steering
= Negative
steering angle
negative Ackermann

Abbildung/Skizze: crawlster®BTA an Hi-clearance Achsschenkeln + Universal Joint Axle Shaft = positiver Ackermann-Effekt

crawlster®BTA2-SCX + Axial® HighClearance Tuning Knuckles (AX30526)= positive Ackerman steering geometry
+ Universal Joint Axle Shafts (AX30464) = Steering angle up to 45° degrees

crawlster®BTA Button STEERING

Optimized steering geometry and dramatically improved off-road maneuverability

  • Unique BTA steering system – innovative concept to realize a „behind-the-axle“ articulation
  • For all AX-SCX-1/10.1 serial front axles with HighClearance knuckles
  • Immediate & dramatic improvement of steering geometry / performance
  • Fixes negative steering angles – now the inner wheel steers ≥ zero / more than the outside wheel
  • Positive Ackerman steering geometry 
crawlster®BTA Button SIMPLY

The crawlster®BTA2-SCX steering system can easily be installed by anyone

  • No complicated reconstruction
    such as lifting the servos necessary
  • The centre of gravity does not get raised
  • Tuning-Kit incl. TRX-RodEnds for Servo-linkage
  • Easy assembly with Axial® HighClearance Knuckles
crawlster®BTA Button PERFECT

Totally new driving experience – plus the ultimate in looks

  • No steering bar in front of the axle
  • Almost invisible under the chassis
  • No visual impairment – true scale vehicles
  • Optimized banking angle – less snagging on the ground
  • Up to 100% drop deployable
  • Allows 4-link suspension

Questions or suggestions? – please free to contact us – mail to info@crawlster.de


The crawlster® steering system is suitable for all series front axles of AXIAL® SCX10.1 vehicles with Axial HighClearance Tuning Knuckles. Subject to technical change. For detailed compatibility information take a look at our datasheet. crawlster® is DPMA protected. All rights reserved. Reproduction / distribution even in part only with express permission.


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